Realtime for stocks,indexes and futures for the Scandinavian markets

  • Complete history of several years for both daily and minute data
  • Advanced manual  trading solutions
  • Automated trading with MultiCharts and TradeStation

Montel TradeNode AB is specialized in trading, real time, history . Montel TradeNode provides an integrated platform built on the latest technology. Trading can be done manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically based on a technical analysis system. Montel  TradeNode provides data and tradable links with a range of market analysis software.

MultitCharts  is a great  front-end for real-time market-scanning, advanced technical analysis, trading and portfolio backtesting.

Tradestation2000i supply customers with advanced strategy building and automatic trading through TradeNode TradeCenter.

Both MultiCharts and Tradestation2000i are enabled for automatic trading  with the Montel TradeNode platform.