Tradenode Software

Tradenode Gateway is the hub at the client side and client software to the Tradenode platform.

The gateway facilitates the customer to build custom made software or tradingsystem via Tradenode SDK and streams price data and/or trade via Tradenode attached brokers.

Tradenode MultiCharts plugin uses the Tradenode Gateway to facilitate trading and real-time market data in MultiChart.

The Tradenode MultiCharts plugin facilitates multibroker technology and automatic trading through the Tradenode platform.


TradeNode Cacheserver connects different frontplatforms to TradeNode Gateway.Programs which can be used towards our feed are Tradestation2000i,Ninjatrader,Advance Get and several more.

TradeNode Tradecenter connects Tradestation2000i to automatic trading.Several advanced options are possible in TradeNode TradeCenter.Long only,short only,long and short,reverse signals,start next,stop next , multibroker technology included basket orders and much more.